Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Oh No! We Painted the Windows!

That's right! We painted our windows because we ran out of wall space.
In term 3 we explored traditional Indian art and dance. We discovered Rangoli patterns through Ms Sherning our art teacher. We had no wall space left so we painted the windows!
Lennox said, " Ms Matthews, I can't believe Mr Taylor let us paint the windows it is so much fun!"

Monday, November 8, 2010

More Camp Fun

Here it is as promised.
I have managed to load up a showcase of some of the photos into a photo story for you.
Room 3 students are also creating their own photo stories or movie on camp. This will also include a recording of their camp recount. This you will be able to view on their kidblogs over the next week. There is a link on the side to find those.
The goal of their movie and recount is to be evidence of them 'Managing Themselves'.
This was the big learning focus on camp as well as having FUN!
Grab some popcorn, pull up a cushion and enjoy!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Camp Reflections

We had a wonderful time on camp! The marae was a wonderful and unique experience for most of us. Courtney's reflection of the marae was that 'it was full of love and had lots of people there that shared with us and gave us a lovely hangi dinner'. I thought that was a great description.

Very soon we will post a photo story of our activities, recounts and maybe some videos. Our Internet access is sooooooooo slow at school that it is hard to achieve some of the things we would like to do but we manage with it. Ms Matthews has taken her laptop home so she can load our video and photo stories on from home where the Internet access is 'super sonic' fast compared to school. We know that our board chairman is working on making this better for us and Mr Taylor is keen to see this happen too.

In the mean time have a read of our kidblog reflections. Our reflections are 2 stars and a wish for camp and some of us managed to load a photo.

PJ hasn't come home!

Here is a blog post from Frances about her possum PJ. He is famous in our class because we hear so much about him and he has visited Room 3, you can see pictures and read about that here. This post is beautifully written as Frances and her Dad are looking to find PJ who has disappeared. We all hope he comes to visit her soon everyone misses the PJ stories in our class.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Camp Fun!

We have began this term preparing for our camp. It has been fun and we are very excited about what we will be doing. Tomorrow we have to be at school by 7.30am with our bags packed ready to go. We used Google maps to help us with the time we need to leave school to be at camp on time!

One of the things we are going to do on camp is visit a Marae. We have been preparing hard for that because it is the first time most of us have experienced a Marae visit. Melville Intermediate have helped us with our mihi mihi on skype so we can say these on our visit, that was awesome!

Here is a sample of what it was like from our end!

We have also used Pecha Kucha to make presentations about the Marae we are visiting. This is a new skill we are learning for presentations. We made a mini Pecha Kucha where we used one slide for each student in our group and we had to talk for 20second to each slide. We were learning about the Marae so we understand how we need to behave and what to expect when we get there. Wow that was interesting!

We look forward to telling you about our great experience when we get back.

Pet Day!

Our annual Pet Day was a busy, sunny event.

Room 3 had a number of winning entries in the lamb and calf section but unfortunately they can't represent the school at Group Day because they will be on camp!

Maddie's rabbits won in the domestic pet competition which was really nice considering her upsetting experience with her per lamb passing away :-(

You can read about that on Maddie's blog, warning it is very sad!

Enjoy our photostory!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Blog, Blog, Blogging!

As well as dancing our legs off, we have been blogging!

It has been a great experience! Room 3 students have been learning about blogging from BRS Room 17 . The learning conversations amongest Room 3 students and with BRS Room 17 have been interesting and heart warming to read. The encouragement from Room 17 has been inspiring! Thank you Mr Wood for allowing us to be part of your classroom. We love having you in ours.

Now its down to Ms Matthews to keep you up-to-date with our learning on our class blog. we are too busy with our own blogs and reading and commenting on kids blogs!

Keep up the blogging!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

survey for an Indian lunch

Survey for an Indian lunch
Room 3 made a survey for their Indian lunch. We wanted to know if having an Indian Lunch with Indian Affair in Taupo would be worth it. We needed to find out how many students and families would be interested. We worked hard to decide how we would make our survey.
We asked:
1.What Indian dish would you choose to have for lunch?
2.How many dishes would you order?
3.Would you order Naan bread with your order?
These are our results.
1.Butter Chicken 37
Chicken Korma 14
Navrattan Korma 2
2.Number of dishes 114
Yes 40
No 4
We received 44 responses.
If only half of the families ordered we would still get 22 orders of approximately 57 dishes.
Ms Matthews thought it was interesting that only 10 of our 44 replies responded online.
We are pleased and surprised with these results. Now it’s time to negotiate with the restaurant.
Good luck Ms Matthews!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Survey for our Indian Lunch

Please fill out the survey form as honestly as you can. This information is going to be used to help our Indian chef and Ms Matthews make decisions about how we can best organise our school Indian lunch. Don't forget the password that was sent out on the notice from school. Anybody can support us so please offer it to any genuinely interested parties. The deadline for the survey is midnight Thursday 2 Sept.
Thank you for your support.
Room 3 students and Ms Matthews

Click here to take survey

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Dance all Around the World

Broadlands School is dancing around the World this term.
Our focus is traditional dance, art and music in India. Please if anyone can help us with some expertise on Dance in India we would be very grateful.
You see Ms Matthews has two left feet and we are supposed to be creating our own interpretation of dance from India for our school production!
We have lots of videos to help us but we are searching for an expert person from our Global community who can answer some questions.
Please leave a comment if you can help us.
Thanks from Room 3

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Crazy Talk!

Room 3 had lots of fun with Morgan who helped them create videos. You can learn more about what happend here

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Happy Birthday Ms Matthews

This video and music was performed and created by Kassidy and Frances.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Monday, July 26, 2010

Ma te Mahi Ka Ora

'Through hard work comes fulfilment' We chose this for our blog post because we feel our classroom reflects our hard work and gives us fulfilment. We have also been learning this song which is the music to our photostory. Room 3 would love to sing this to a class who would like to hear us through sykpe. Leave a comment and we will get in touch with you please!

Wow! What a start to term three! It has been wonderful! We have been looking around our class to see where we can hang our display for the new topic. Then we remembered the photos we took at the start of the year of our blank canvas. The class looks magnificient. This however doesn't change our dilemma of where to put this terms learning. We have decided that we will have to take down some of our learning to make room. Here are some photos of what it looks like now!

Friday, July 2, 2010


On Thursday P.J my pet possum came to visit us in our classroom. He was so smooth and fluffy, he had a carrot that he munched on while we were playing with him. He was jumping all over the classroom. He is a very messy boy! Everyone enjoyed P.J he was really funny!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Tekoteko Art - Room 3's Guardians

On Wednesday 30th June 2010 Room 3 had an art session with Ms Sherning. We were drawing Tekoteko they are Guardians for a Marae or for us in our Classroom. First we had a practice and experimented on all the things that we could put on our Tekoteko. Then we got to the hard part we had to draw it properly and we had 2 chances ONLY, 2! We got to the part where we had to do the outlines, we had to put in thin and thick lines. We had to do curved lines and straight lines. All the lines we could think of. Then we used our patterns of the ones we experimented on to do the real thing. We had to do lots of work before we got to colour in and paint. When we got to that stage we had to paint carefully so that paint wouldn't get on to the pastel but sometimes we made a mistake! At the last stage of colouring in we did a collage we had to use newspaper and we had to use black and white because they were our main colours. The next day when they were dry we did the pastel lines that we had gone over with the paint again. Then we had to do the border we used 4 long strips of paper and put them on top bottom and sides. Then the process was finished! Our Tekoteko's look wicked!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Silly Hat Store - Claymation

Here is a music video created using the Kiwikids song 'The Silly Hat Store'. This was created by us year 6's in 2007 with Ms Matthews when we were year 3's. We think we need to create an updated version. So watch this space!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Space Bikes

We wanted to find out how long it would take us to ride our bikes from the sun to the planet we are studying.

  1. Renee, Abby and Emily measured out a 1000m course on our playing field.
  2. Then we each shared a bike with the great kids who bought them in - Caleb, Emily, Sam and Renee.
  3. Next we went out to the our course and worked out our average time to ride 1000m/1km on the bikes. We needed stopwatches and record sheets to write times for everyone.
  4. Last of all we all worked out a formula to calculate our kilometres per hour. Then we used calculators to work out how long it would take us to ride from the sun to our planet. It seems our calculators wouldn't hold the massive figures. We found an online calculator and quickly realised no one would survive the trip.

Now we are wandering how long it would take us to drive dad's car????????

Better not!

We will use our formula to figure it out with the speed of 100km hour.

Will we survive that trip?

As junior scientists we have discovered that the distances between us, the sun and our planets is enormous.

Keep watching for our Space reports we are recording and publishing with Voicethread.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Wacky Hair Day 2010

We had a Wacky Hair Day to raise money for The Westpac Rescue Helicopter.
We raised $103.00.
Have a look at some of the Wacky hair do's!

We walked 5 915 000 000 kilometres!

I can’t believe Ms Matthews made us walk that far! It was cruel!
All the way from the Sun to Pluto!
Actually we didn't!
We scaled the distance down by from 1 000 000 000 km to just 1m. That means we walked about 60 metres.
First we placed the planets along the string line to where we thought they went in relation to the sun.
Then everyone discussed this and did some figures using the actual distance from the sun.
We were able to see the planets positions clearly and realised that compared to Pluto, Mercury was very close.
Keep watching to find out how long it takes us to ride our bikes, from the planet we are investigating to the sun.
Being scientists is fun! We discovered that scientists need to have lots of skills. When we have been doing our investigations we have to have the skills of reading, writing, mathematics and problem solving!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Lost on the Moon

We got lost on the Moon!

Ms Matthews said a space shuttle would be coming to school after lunch to take us to the moon!!

We believed her!
The activity was about our Space Shuttle crashing on the moon and we had to find the mother ship 200 kilometres away. We found 15 items that hadn't been destroyed in the crash landing. The problem was that we could only take 10 of the items. The items we found were:

A Box of matches
Food concentrate
50 metres of rope
Some parachute silk
Solar-powered, portable heating unit
Two pistols
One case of dehydrated milk
Two tanks of oxygen
Star map
Self inflating life-raft
Magnetic compass
15 litres of water
Signal flares
First aid kit
Solar powered FM transmitter- receiver
Independently we had to rank the list in order of importance, keeping a record of our choices and why.
Then we worked in a group of two or three people and negotiated a list of 10 items. We needed to do research on the Moon to help us finalise our list.
This is what we come up with:

1. Two tanks of oxygen - because we need to breathe and there is no oxygen on the moon.2. 15 Litres of water - because there is no water on the moon and we need to drink. we also needed water for the food concentrate.
3. Food concentrate - because we need to eat for the energy to walk 200 kilometres.
4. First- aid Kit - to help if you get an injury so you could continue your journey to the mother ship.
5. Signal Flares - so people know where you are. Brian says that it would really depend on the type of Flares that we had.
6. Radio - To tell earth or the mother ship where we are.
7. Rope - To complete the parachute.
8. Parachute silk - to create a hot air balloon.
9. Solar- powered heater - to put hot air into the balloon and to keep warm.
10. A star map - to help guide us on our journey.
The final list is in draft because some of our ideas need further research.
What do you think?

Thursday, May 6, 2010

A horrid car journey

It all started at Easter weekend we were in the car with our kitten Molly, our dog Murphy, mum, me and my two sisters Mikayla and Jordyn. We were all heading off to our favourite place Whangamata.

Molly whining, Murphy barking it made me want to throw up! I decided to join in meow, woof, it was so loud! Jordyn started to whinge, Mikayla singing and mum was going crazy! LUCKILY I brought my magazines, I thought. So I decided to hand them out! Little Angel for Jordyn, Girl power for Mikayla and Total girl for me! BUT WAIT! Theres still a noise, oh no what about Molly and Murphy, and then I said this is the worst day ever! Murphy jumped up on the back of the seat and was quiet for once and Molly cuddled up to her blanket and went to sleep!

We stopped and got a pie lunch. I gave some of mine to Murphy but he just wanted more and more. So I gave him the steak in my pie. We were only in Rotorua and we still had a long way to go. I asked mum if we could hurry up and get there but she just said no!

I got out my mp3 and listened to Tik tok by Kesha for probably 2 hours and finally we were in Waihi coming into Whangamata. I closed my eyes and when we were there I opened them and saw all my favourite shops! We got to the beach house and I thought to myself that it was worth the horrid car journey and that I was lucky to have Whangamata!

By Maddy P

A trip to Tirohanga

One cold night we were on our way trees were crashing we were there we were coming through the driveway of Tirohanga beach camp ground. We got there at 10.00 at night. We met all our friends Stephen's family and Taylah's family. We had to un pack about ten minutes after we got there.

The next day it was a new day we did everything we went on the playground we went to the beach and watched the contiki go out and we went to the shop. we played on the tramp with Brooke. It was a tiring day. We did the same thing everyday. After four days it was time to go home. It was the four best days of the holidays. On the way home was a bit sad that we were leaving I wish that we could stay another week.

In the car I thought to my self what a awesome weekend. It was the best day EVER!!!
By Jessie W

Monday, April 26, 2010

What happend to Pluto?

In Room 3 our new Term Theme is 'Spaced Out'
Watch this space to see how 'spaced out' we get!

In reading we have been learning about summarising and 'word clouds'. See if you can find out about Pluto.

Key words
Good readers notice key words.
Here is a ‘Word Cloud’ of a text called ‘What happened to Pluto’.
Can you identify the key words?
‘Word Clouds’ have some words bigger than others because these are words that have been repeated in the text. The bigger the word the more it was repeated.
So what do you think happened to Pluto?

Questions for your school

These questions are for Nabby3 but if you are a school you are welcome to answer them so that we can write a report on different schools from anywhere in the world!

How did you get the name Nabby3?
The area of our school is called Nab and we are in year 3
How many classrooms do you have?
9 classrooms
How long have you had your blog?
Two months
Our school has been opened for 75 years. How long has your school been opened?
Since 1860
We have student leaders for sport at lunchtime, they are called Dynamo Leaders. Do you have Dynamo Leaders?
No, we have what we call Play Leaders
Do you have a garden?
We have a meadow. We also have a bird bath and a bird feeder! (we can't wait to see the photos)
We have an award winning enviro group; they look after our school environment. Do you have an enviro group?
We have 89 students in our school. How many children are in your school?
We have a head boy and girl at our school. Do you have head prefects at your school?
We have head teachers but not head prefects.
We have school houses named after our local mountains, one is a volcano. Do you have school houses with leaders like in Harry Potter?
No! (Nabby3 laughed when we asked this)
We have 36 computer notebooks to share in our school; they live on what we call COW’s (computers on wheels). Do you have computer notebooks?
We don't have COW's we have a computer suite with 16 computers and every class has a computer, we have 6 computers in our class.
Do you make graphs?
Do you have a Learning Centre or Library where you can read books and do research?
Do you play sports at your school?
Football, tennis, basketball, rugby and multi skills (we would love to know more about multi skills!)
We have a strategy to use called a SLIDE, for when we have a disagreement with other students, teachers or adults. What is your SLIDE?
The connection to Nabby3 was a bit delayed when we asked this questions but they did so they just SORT IT OUT!

Thanks From Room 3 Broadlands School
Hi Nabby3 if we have any answers wrong can you let us know. Talking to you on Skype was very fun and we would like to do it again sometime. Sometimes when we were talking it was a little bit delayed so we weren't sure of your answers.
Thanks Nabby3

Friday, April 23, 2010

What is a Hangi?

A Hangi is a traditional Maori meal cooked underground.
Here is a game that you can play to learn how to cook a hangi.
I think a hangi is a top class meal and is so delcious.

Thursday, April 22, 2010


Check out Nabby3's new site. We were so happy when we saw their animoto slideshow of the children with our letters and artwork. We enjoyed it so much that we have been busy taking photos of us with their butterflies in our beautiful school garden which oozes Autumn! (Thats what Ms Matthews says!) We hope you enjoy it! We did! It'a funny that its spring at Nabby3!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Guess who visited us!

We had the Prime Minister in our classroom this week.
How lucky are we!
We sent Mr Key some questions about his 3 R's and he sent the answers to us by video! When we watched the video it was like he was in our classroom.
We felt very lucky that Mr Key could take some time out from his job and make a video for us. we also sent him a photostory which we will show you.
We aren't able to post his video because that is special to our class only.
Thank you Mr Key you rocked our world!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Messages from the Mayor!!!

These are the messages from the Mayor!!!

My message from the Mayor
He said that when he left school he became a mechanic and he also said that he needs a better job

By Abby and Renee.

My message from the mayor.
It was interesting how the mayor told us how the snowstorm in Taupo happened. I still miss him. I hope he can come next time and tell us some more information. I wander how old he is.
By Dylan

Message from the mayor
The mayor’s responsibility is to protect
the environment and habitats.
By Harding and John.

To give it a go even if you don’t get it, it’s good just to try because if you get it you will be pleased with yourself.
There is such a thing as mayor school.
To always tell the truth or you dig a hole for yourself.
To be proud of where you live, you should respect it because you don’t really won’t to leave home.
To chase after you’re dreams

By Kassidy and Frances and Brodie!!!

My message from the mayor
Is when he said if you make a mistake you put your hand up and say I’m sorry!
By Keagan

Brian and Lennox’s Message from the Mayor

The mayor quoted
“It is better to aim at the top and miss then to aim at the bottom and hit.”

Questions for the mayor!

The Mayor of Taupo came to our classroom so that we could ask him some questions about his 3 R's. We thought it was exciting and great to see him in our classroom.

Q. Who decides on what rules there are going to be for adults in our community?
A. Well you shouldn’t really separate you and adults because the rules are for everyone. The Central Government decides on the rules. By Frances and Kassidy and Brodie!!!
Q. How do you find out if a cyclone is coming to our country?
A. The Met service provides accurate weather information. by Maddy and Jessie
Q. What are your rights as a mayor?
A. To be happy to meet people. We all have the right to do anything but we do not have the right to do something that would hurt people. By Courtney and Maddie U
Q: What are your responsibilities?
A: To protect the environment and there habitats. By John and Harding.
Q.Who decides what your rights will Be?
A. The local government 2002.
Q. What made you want to be the mayor?
A. When he left school he became a mechanic. He needed a better job. So he stood up and he went for the mayor and he got the job. Before he went for the job as mayor he tried for the District Council but he didn’t get in. He loves fishing out on Lake Taupo and the sea on their big boat with his grandkids they like going on the ski biscuits and water skis. By Abby and Renee!!!
Q. What is your slide if you ever have a disagreement with another person?
A. 1. I take my mind fishing or motor racing. 2. Just smile. 3. Don’t listen to them. Q2: Do you go biscuiting? A2: No I tow the biscuit. By Lennox and Brian
Q.If you make a mistake what will happen?
A. There is a scale of how bad the mistake is. 1 being a I am sorry and a 10 might be a resignation and or the risk of losing my job. He said it is better to tell when you have made a mistake then to keep it a secret. By Maddison and Catilin!!!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


We have created our own portraits with an alliteration using our name. We had loads of fun writing and drawing. When we were creating our self portraits we weren't allowed to be facing the front, our eyes or head had to be turned. That was hard! We hope your enjoy hearing and seeing them.

Friday, March 19, 2010

The Worst Storm Ever By Brian

The Worst Storm Ever
It was a clear night. I could smell the fire burning and the hangi cooking it smelt soooooooo good.

Then... it all started

Flash, rumble, rumble, flash again “oh no”, I cried “a thunderstorm”.
I ran to unplug my radio BUT, to late lightning had stuck it. I was so horrified. But mum said it would still work so I did not worry and it turned out fine.
I just continued watching the storm and it was so fun.
What I saw was amazing it was this I saw the god of thunders fork piercing the heavens and I thought it would hit me. “Arrrrrrrrhhhhhhh” I yelled I heard A hungry lion roaring and I hid.

Then it all calmed down and it was sunny “wow” I thought that is finally over”

Then we had dinner and it was a hangi and it was delish. We went to bed and it was sooooo sticky and hot.
I thought the day was fun because it scared my sisters. Scary because it had sudden noises.

By Brian
Room 3 Broadlands School, Reporoa, New Zealand

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Thursday, March 11, 2010

Nabby schools letters

Today we opened a present we got from Nabby3. Nabby3 is a class of year 3 students from a school in England! Amazing! We were so excited, happy and interested to see the beautiful butterflies and we really appreciated the letters they wrote to us. Today we wrote our own letters to Nabby 3 and we are sending them some self portraits we drew. Here are photos of us reading the letters and writing letters back to them. Thank You Nabby3 we all think you ROCK!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Abstract Self Portraits

We had our CRT teacher Ms Shnering. She is cool and sings songs with us and helps us with art.
We learnt how to do self portraits blind! Yes, blind!
You must look they are MAGNIFICENT!

Friday, February 26, 2010

'The Best Day Ever' Swimming with Moko

Moko is a very famous Dolphin that lives on the East Coast of New Zealand near Whakatane. Moko is famous because he swims and plays with the locals. I got to swim with Moko when my family was on holiday there. Please listen to my story. It took a lot of work to put my photos and sound file together. I hope you enjoy it. Frances

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Cooperation at Broadlands

At Broadlands School we teach the virtues. On Friday Room 3 had to present the virtue of Cooperation to the school as the new virtue to focus on for two weeks. As a class we decided on making a comedy. We tried and tried to find a Very Big Heavy Box to be a prop in our video but with all our searching we couldn't find one. Have a look to see how we overcame that problem!

Saturday, February 20, 2010


Here we are doing our final ponder over our responsibilities. We had quite a debate about if we should rank the responsibilities according to importance for our display. We decided in the end that they were all very important and didn't need to be ranked.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

The 3 R's

Room 3 is back after our summer holiday. Have a look at our class. We have few displays at the moment because its only been 2 days and we have some exciting learning ahead which needs a blank canvas. Watch this space!

This terms theme is Rights, Rules and Responsibilites. We have been reading 'The Tree Hutt Treaty' because it has a lot to do with the 3 R's. It is also connected to a special day in New Zealand called Waitangi Day. Waitangi day is celebrated on 6 February.

We started by writing what helped us to be Happy and Safe in Room 3 http://www.wallwisher.com/wall/happysafe2 Please can you add some of your own ideas to our wall. We would enjoy reading them as your ideas might help us with our ponder over our own Rights, Rules and Responsibilites for our classroom.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

2010 New Beginings

We do really want to see the dots grow and now Ms Matthews is back and we have alot more laptops, it might happen!

Teammr3 are hopeful!