Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Oh No! We Painted the Windows!

That's right! We painted our windows because we ran out of wall space.
In term 3 we explored traditional Indian art and dance. We discovered Rangoli patterns through Ms Sherning our art teacher. We had no wall space left so we painted the windows!
Lennox said, " Ms Matthews, I can't believe Mr Taylor let us paint the windows it is so much fun!"

Monday, November 8, 2010

More Camp Fun

Here it is as promised.
I have managed to load up a showcase of some of the photos into a photo story for you.
Room 3 students are also creating their own photo stories or movie on camp. This will also include a recording of their camp recount. This you will be able to view on their kidblogs over the next week. There is a link on the side to find those.
The goal of their movie and recount is to be evidence of them 'Managing Themselves'.
This was the big learning focus on camp as well as having FUN!
Grab some popcorn, pull up a cushion and enjoy!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Camp Reflections

We had a wonderful time on camp! The marae was a wonderful and unique experience for most of us. Courtney's reflection of the marae was that 'it was full of love and had lots of people there that shared with us and gave us a lovely hangi dinner'. I thought that was a great description.

Very soon we will post a photo story of our activities, recounts and maybe some videos. Our Internet access is sooooooooo slow at school that it is hard to achieve some of the things we would like to do but we manage with it. Ms Matthews has taken her laptop home so she can load our video and photo stories on from home where the Internet access is 'super sonic' fast compared to school. We know that our board chairman is working on making this better for us and Mr Taylor is keen to see this happen too.

In the mean time have a read of our kidblog reflections. Our reflections are 2 stars and a wish for camp and some of us managed to load a photo.

PJ hasn't come home!

Here is a blog post from Frances about her possum PJ. He is famous in our class because we hear so much about him and he has visited Room 3, you can see pictures and read about that here. This post is beautifully written as Frances and her Dad are looking to find PJ who has disappeared. We all hope he comes to visit her soon everyone misses the PJ stories in our class.