Monday, November 8, 2010

More Camp Fun

Here it is as promised.
I have managed to load up a showcase of some of the photos into a photo story for you.
Room 3 students are also creating their own photo stories or movie on camp. This will also include a recording of their camp recount. This you will be able to view on their kidblogs over the next week. There is a link on the side to find those.
The goal of their movie and recount is to be evidence of them 'Managing Themselves'.
This was the big learning focus on camp as well as having FUN!
Grab some popcorn, pull up a cushion and enjoy!


  1. I loved the photos Room 3 and I will be looking out for your KidBlogs to learn more.

  2. hi room 3 its georgha soden i loved the pictures they were awesome i wish i went on that camp it looked really fun.
    have a fun rest of the year,
    Georgha Soden