Thursday, March 25, 2010

Messages from the Mayor!!!

These are the messages from the Mayor!!!

My message from the Mayor
He said that when he left school he became a mechanic and he also said that he needs a better job

By Abby and Renee.

My message from the mayor.
It was interesting how the mayor told us how the snowstorm in Taupo happened. I still miss him. I hope he can come next time and tell us some more information. I wander how old he is.
By Dylan

Message from the mayor
The mayor’s responsibility is to protect
the environment and habitats.
By Harding and John.

To give it a go even if you don’t get it, it’s good just to try because if you get it you will be pleased with yourself.
There is such a thing as mayor school.
To always tell the truth or you dig a hole for yourself.
To be proud of where you live, you should respect it because you don’t really won’t to leave home.
To chase after you’re dreams

By Kassidy and Frances and Brodie!!!

My message from the mayor
Is when he said if you make a mistake you put your hand up and say I’m sorry!
By Keagan

Brian and Lennox’s Message from the Mayor

The mayor quoted
“It is better to aim at the top and miss then to aim at the bottom and hit.”

Questions for the mayor!

The Mayor of Taupo came to our classroom so that we could ask him some questions about his 3 R's. We thought it was exciting and great to see him in our classroom.

Q. Who decides on what rules there are going to be for adults in our community?
A. Well you shouldn’t really separate you and adults because the rules are for everyone. The Central Government decides on the rules. By Frances and Kassidy and Brodie!!!
Q. How do you find out if a cyclone is coming to our country?
A. The Met service provides accurate weather information. by Maddy and Jessie
Q. What are your rights as a mayor?
A. To be happy to meet people. We all have the right to do anything but we do not have the right to do something that would hurt people. By Courtney and Maddie U
Q: What are your responsibilities?
A: To protect the environment and there habitats. By John and Harding.
Q.Who decides what your rights will Be?
A. The local government 2002.
Q. What made you want to be the mayor?
A. When he left school he became a mechanic. He needed a better job. So he stood up and he went for the mayor and he got the job. Before he went for the job as mayor he tried for the District Council but he didn’t get in. He loves fishing out on Lake Taupo and the sea on their big boat with his grandkids they like going on the ski biscuits and water skis. By Abby and Renee!!!
Q. What is your slide if you ever have a disagreement with another person?
A. 1. I take my mind fishing or motor racing. 2. Just smile. 3. Don’t listen to them. Q2: Do you go biscuiting? A2: No I tow the biscuit. By Lennox and Brian
Q.If you make a mistake what will happen?
A. There is a scale of how bad the mistake is. 1 being a I am sorry and a 10 might be a resignation and or the risk of losing my job. He said it is better to tell when you have made a mistake then to keep it a secret. By Maddison and Catilin!!!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


We have created our own portraits with an alliteration using our name. We had loads of fun writing and drawing. When we were creating our self portraits we weren't allowed to be facing the front, our eyes or head had to be turned. That was hard! We hope your enjoy hearing and seeing them.

Friday, March 19, 2010

The Worst Storm Ever By Brian

The Worst Storm Ever
It was a clear night. I could smell the fire burning and the hangi cooking it smelt soooooooo good.

Then... it all started

Flash, rumble, rumble, flash again “oh no”, I cried “a thunderstorm”.
I ran to unplug my radio BUT, to late lightning had stuck it. I was so horrified. But mum said it would still work so I did not worry and it turned out fine.
I just continued watching the storm and it was so fun.
What I saw was amazing it was this I saw the god of thunders fork piercing the heavens and I thought it would hit me. “Arrrrrrrrhhhhhhh” I yelled I heard A hungry lion roaring and I hid.

Then it all calmed down and it was sunny “wow” I thought that is finally over”

Then we had dinner and it was a hangi and it was delish. We went to bed and it was sooooo sticky and hot.
I thought the day was fun because it scared my sisters. Scary because it had sudden noises.

By Brian
Room 3 Broadlands School, Reporoa, New Zealand

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Thursday, March 11, 2010

Nabby schools letters

Today we opened a present we got from Nabby3. Nabby3 is a class of year 3 students from a school in England! Amazing! We were so excited, happy and interested to see the beautiful butterflies and we really appreciated the letters they wrote to us. Today we wrote our own letters to Nabby 3 and we are sending them some self portraits we drew. Here are photos of us reading the letters and writing letters back to them. Thank You Nabby3 we all think you ROCK!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Abstract Self Portraits

We had our CRT teacher Ms Shnering. She is cool and sings songs with us and helps us with art.
We learnt how to do self portraits blind! Yes, blind!
You must look they are MAGNIFICENT!