Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Wacky Hair Day 2010

We had a Wacky Hair Day to raise money for The Westpac Rescue Helicopter.
We raised $103.00.
Have a look at some of the Wacky hair do's!

We walked 5 915 000 000 kilometres!

I can’t believe Ms Matthews made us walk that far! It was cruel!
All the way from the Sun to Pluto!
Actually we didn't!
We scaled the distance down by from 1 000 000 000 km to just 1m. That means we walked about 60 metres.
First we placed the planets along the string line to where we thought they went in relation to the sun.
Then everyone discussed this and did some figures using the actual distance from the sun.
We were able to see the planets positions clearly and realised that compared to Pluto, Mercury was very close.
Keep watching to find out how long it takes us to ride our bikes, from the planet we are investigating to the sun.
Being scientists is fun! We discovered that scientists need to have lots of skills. When we have been doing our investigations we have to have the skills of reading, writing, mathematics and problem solving!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Lost on the Moon

We got lost on the Moon!

Ms Matthews said a space shuttle would be coming to school after lunch to take us to the moon!!

We believed her!
The activity was about our Space Shuttle crashing on the moon and we had to find the mother ship 200 kilometres away. We found 15 items that hadn't been destroyed in the crash landing. The problem was that we could only take 10 of the items. The items we found were:

A Box of matches
Food concentrate
50 metres of rope
Some parachute silk
Solar-powered, portable heating unit
Two pistols
One case of dehydrated milk
Two tanks of oxygen
Star map
Self inflating life-raft
Magnetic compass
15 litres of water
Signal flares
First aid kit
Solar powered FM transmitter- receiver
Independently we had to rank the list in order of importance, keeping a record of our choices and why.
Then we worked in a group of two or three people and negotiated a list of 10 items. We needed to do research on the Moon to help us finalise our list.
This is what we come up with:

1. Two tanks of oxygen - because we need to breathe and there is no oxygen on the moon.2. 15 Litres of water - because there is no water on the moon and we need to drink. we also needed water for the food concentrate.
3. Food concentrate - because we need to eat for the energy to walk 200 kilometres.
4. First- aid Kit - to help if you get an injury so you could continue your journey to the mother ship.
5. Signal Flares - so people know where you are. Brian says that it would really depend on the type of Flares that we had.
6. Radio - To tell earth or the mother ship where we are.
7. Rope - To complete the parachute.
8. Parachute silk - to create a hot air balloon.
9. Solar- powered heater - to put hot air into the balloon and to keep warm.
10. A star map - to help guide us on our journey.
The final list is in draft because some of our ideas need further research.
What do you think?

Thursday, May 6, 2010

A horrid car journey

It all started at Easter weekend we were in the car with our kitten Molly, our dog Murphy, mum, me and my two sisters Mikayla and Jordyn. We were all heading off to our favourite place Whangamata.

Molly whining, Murphy barking it made me want to throw up! I decided to join in meow, woof, it was so loud! Jordyn started to whinge, Mikayla singing and mum was going crazy! LUCKILY I brought my magazines, I thought. So I decided to hand them out! Little Angel for Jordyn, Girl power for Mikayla and Total girl for me! BUT WAIT! Theres still a noise, oh no what about Molly and Murphy, and then I said this is the worst day ever! Murphy jumped up on the back of the seat and was quiet for once and Molly cuddled up to her blanket and went to sleep!

We stopped and got a pie lunch. I gave some of mine to Murphy but he just wanted more and more. So I gave him the steak in my pie. We were only in Rotorua and we still had a long way to go. I asked mum if we could hurry up and get there but she just said no!

I got out my mp3 and listened to Tik tok by Kesha for probably 2 hours and finally we were in Waihi coming into Whangamata. I closed my eyes and when we were there I opened them and saw all my favourite shops! We got to the beach house and I thought to myself that it was worth the horrid car journey and that I was lucky to have Whangamata!

By Maddy P

A trip to Tirohanga

One cold night we were on our way trees were crashing we were there we were coming through the driveway of Tirohanga beach camp ground. We got there at 10.00 at night. We met all our friends Stephen's family and Taylah's family. We had to un pack about ten minutes after we got there.

The next day it was a new day we did everything we went on the playground we went to the beach and watched the contiki go out and we went to the shop. we played on the tramp with Brooke. It was a tiring day. We did the same thing everyday. After four days it was time to go home. It was the four best days of the holidays. On the way home was a bit sad that we were leaving I wish that we could stay another week.

In the car I thought to my self what a awesome weekend. It was the best day EVER!!!
By Jessie W