Friday, March 25, 2011

Whanau Kowhawhai

Kowhaiwhai is a traditional form of Maori art.
We have used a koru pattern to create our own Whanau (family) Kowhaiwhai.
A koru pattern represents new life,peace, growth, harmony and strength.
The shape of the koru is based on the curled up yourng fern frond.
The colours we used were based on what our whanu like to do, what we like and our interests.

In New Zealand you can find Kowhaiwhai patterns mainly in Maraes but you can also find them in MacDonald's, hospitals, schools, kindergartens and our bush.
Please listen to the stories of our own Whanau Kowhaiwhai and look at our artwork. We had lots of fun creating these.
Madison, Keagan, Waiwai, Taelyn.

Friday, March 18, 2011

We are very proud of our pumpkin

A little while ago we write a post about our pumpkin it was green but we discovered about two days ago it was starting to turn orangy yellow. We have also found that there is another little pumpkin growing as you can see in the photo.

Mr Webb from Melville Intermediate asked us to measure and weigh our pumpkins. The big pumpkin is 7cm and the little pumpkin is 1 and a half cm. We can't weigh them yet because we don't have a weighing machine.


By Maddy.P and Jessie

Monday, March 7, 2011

The Super Radio Reporters

We have just installed our very own FM Radio Station at Broadlands School.

Today, the FM Radio Managment Team did their first real live broadcast on the Broadlands 107.0 FM for one hour. Brendon Weatherley, from Classic Hits, came to listen and give some great advice! They had lots of sports events and music on there. It was great! We hope to hear them again soon.

The FM Radio Managment Team is Abby, Emily, Sophie, John, Ben, Reihana, David and Cody.


By Maddy.P and Jessie

Grow Pumpkin Grow We Love You So

Room 3 is growing a Pumpkin. It is a competition out of all the classes. Room 3 is winning!!! At the moment it is about the size of an orange. It is green, we hope it will go orange soon.
By Maddy.P and Jessie

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Caring for the People of Christchurch

Renee and Abby decided that they would raise funds for the Christchurch Earthquake. They asked Mr Taylor if it would be okay and then decided on a day. On Tuesday 1st March we had a mufti and wacky hair day. We also gathered together to have 2 minutes of silence at 12.51pm. That was a powerful and moving moment.

We are a school of 83 students and we raised a whopping $315.20

I asked Abby and Renee how they felt about that. They replied, "it was fun and we are proud."

I think they are two very caring and responsible girls and I am proud to be their teacher.