Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Blog, Blog, Blogging!

As well as dancing our legs off, we have been blogging!

It has been a great experience! Room 3 students have been learning about blogging from BRS Room 17 . The learning conversations amongest Room 3 students and with BRS Room 17 have been interesting and heart warming to read. The encouragement from Room 17 has been inspiring! Thank you Mr Wood for allowing us to be part of your classroom. We love having you in ours.

Now its down to Ms Matthews to keep you up-to-date with our learning on our class blog. we are too busy with our own blogs and reading and commenting on kids blogs!

Keep up the blogging!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

survey for an Indian lunch

Survey for an Indian lunch
Room 3 made a survey for their Indian lunch. We wanted to know if having an Indian Lunch with Indian Affair in Taupo would be worth it. We needed to find out how many students and families would be interested. We worked hard to decide how we would make our survey.
We asked:
1.What Indian dish would you choose to have for lunch?
2.How many dishes would you order?
3.Would you order Naan bread with your order?
These are our results.
1.Butter Chicken 37
Chicken Korma 14
Navrattan Korma 2
2.Number of dishes 114
Yes 40
No 4
We received 44 responses.
If only half of the families ordered we would still get 22 orders of approximately 57 dishes.
Ms Matthews thought it was interesting that only 10 of our 44 replies responded online.
We are pleased and surprised with these results. Now it’s time to negotiate with the restaurant.
Good luck Ms Matthews!