Friday, March 25, 2011

Whanau Kowhawhai

Kowhaiwhai is a traditional form of Maori art.
We have used a koru pattern to create our own Whanau (family) Kowhaiwhai.
A koru pattern represents new life,peace, growth, harmony and strength.
The shape of the koru is based on the curled up yourng fern frond.
The colours we used were based on what our whanu like to do, what we like and our interests.

In New Zealand you can find Kowhaiwhai patterns mainly in Maraes but you can also find them in MacDonald's, hospitals, schools, kindergartens and our bush.
Please listen to the stories of our own Whanau Kowhaiwhai and look at our artwork. We had lots of fun creating these.
Madison, Keagan, Waiwai, Taelyn.


  1. What beautiful designs, I love the curling shapes and bright colours.

  2. OOOO..voicethreads- you guys are soo clever! I am constantly learning new things just by following your blog. Well done, the Kowhaiwhai look great and your commentry about your whanau make them all the more meaningful and special. I feel so lucky to be involved in your learning. Congrats Waiwai, Stephan, Tessa and Taelyn! You rock!! Love Mrs Lane

  3., will get to know about tribal education and development