Thursday, May 6, 2010

A horrid car journey

It all started at Easter weekend we were in the car with our kitten Molly, our dog Murphy, mum, me and my two sisters Mikayla and Jordyn. We were all heading off to our favourite place Whangamata.

Molly whining, Murphy barking it made me want to throw up! I decided to join in meow, woof, it was so loud! Jordyn started to whinge, Mikayla singing and mum was going crazy! LUCKILY I brought my magazines, I thought. So I decided to hand them out! Little Angel for Jordyn, Girl power for Mikayla and Total girl for me! BUT WAIT! Theres still a noise, oh no what about Molly and Murphy, and then I said this is the worst day ever! Murphy jumped up on the back of the seat and was quiet for once and Molly cuddled up to her blanket and went to sleep!

We stopped and got a pie lunch. I gave some of mine to Murphy but he just wanted more and more. So I gave him the steak in my pie. We were only in Rotorua and we still had a long way to go. I asked mum if we could hurry up and get there but she just said no!

I got out my mp3 and listened to Tik tok by Kesha for probably 2 hours and finally we were in Waihi coming into Whangamata. I closed my eyes and when we were there I opened them and saw all my favourite shops! We got to the beach house and I thought to myself that it was worth the horrid car journey and that I was lucky to have Whangamata!

By Maddy P

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