Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Lost on the Moon

We got lost on the Moon!

Ms Matthews said a space shuttle would be coming to school after lunch to take us to the moon!!

We believed her!
The activity was about our Space Shuttle crashing on the moon and we had to find the mother ship 200 kilometres away. We found 15 items that hadn't been destroyed in the crash landing. The problem was that we could only take 10 of the items. The items we found were:

A Box of matches
Food concentrate
50 metres of rope
Some parachute silk
Solar-powered, portable heating unit
Two pistols
One case of dehydrated milk
Two tanks of oxygen
Star map
Self inflating life-raft
Magnetic compass
15 litres of water
Signal flares
First aid kit
Solar powered FM transmitter- receiver
Independently we had to rank the list in order of importance, keeping a record of our choices and why.
Then we worked in a group of two or three people and negotiated a list of 10 items. We needed to do research on the Moon to help us finalise our list.
This is what we come up with:

1. Two tanks of oxygen - because we need to breathe and there is no oxygen on the moon.2. 15 Litres of water - because there is no water on the moon and we need to drink. we also needed water for the food concentrate.
3. Food concentrate - because we need to eat for the energy to walk 200 kilometres.
4. First- aid Kit - to help if you get an injury so you could continue your journey to the mother ship.
5. Signal Flares - so people know where you are. Brian says that it would really depend on the type of Flares that we had.
6. Radio - To tell earth or the mother ship where we are.
7. Rope - To complete the parachute.
8. Parachute silk - to create a hot air balloon.
9. Solar- powered heater - to put hot air into the balloon and to keep warm.
10. A star map - to help guide us on our journey.
The final list is in draft because some of our ideas need further research.
What do you think?

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