Thursday, March 25, 2010

Questions for the mayor!

The Mayor of Taupo came to our classroom so that we could ask him some questions about his 3 R's. We thought it was exciting and great to see him in our classroom.

Q. Who decides on what rules there are going to be for adults in our community?
A. Well you shouldn’t really separate you and adults because the rules are for everyone. The Central Government decides on the rules. By Frances and Kassidy and Brodie!!!
Q. How do you find out if a cyclone is coming to our country?
A. The Met service provides accurate weather information. by Maddy and Jessie
Q. What are your rights as a mayor?
A. To be happy to meet people. We all have the right to do anything but we do not have the right to do something that would hurt people. By Courtney and Maddie U
Q: What are your responsibilities?
A: To protect the environment and there habitats. By John and Harding.
Q.Who decides what your rights will Be?
A. The local government 2002.
Q. What made you want to be the mayor?
A. When he left school he became a mechanic. He needed a better job. So he stood up and he went for the mayor and he got the job. Before he went for the job as mayor he tried for the District Council but he didn’t get in. He loves fishing out on Lake Taupo and the sea on their big boat with his grandkids they like going on the ski biscuits and water skis. By Abby and Renee!!!
Q. What is your slide if you ever have a disagreement with another person?
A. 1. I take my mind fishing or motor racing. 2. Just smile. 3. Don’t listen to them. Q2: Do you go biscuiting? A2: No I tow the biscuit. By Lennox and Brian
Q.If you make a mistake what will happen?
A. There is a scale of how bad the mistake is. 1 being a I am sorry and a 10 might be a resignation and or the risk of losing my job. He said it is better to tell when you have made a mistake then to keep it a secret. By Maddison and Catilin!!!


  1. Having read this interview it is good to see Taupo has a Mayor who has had good life experience to bring to the job.

  2. How great is it that the Mayor came for a visit! It seems your class really learned a lot!