Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Abstract Self Portraits

We had our CRT teacher Ms Shnering. She is cool and sings songs with us and helps us with art.
We learnt how to do self portraits blind! Yes, blind!
You must look they are MAGNIFICENT!


  1. Hi there room 3,I have just been enjoying taking a look at your blog and viewing your great art work. It all looks fantastic, well done.

  2. I think your art work looks so great with all the diffrent colours!
    from Gemma nabby3

  3. Hello Broadlands, Nabby3 tried this idea out last week on scrap paper to see what it was like to draw with your eyes shut!

    First we 'learnt' the shape of our face by tracing a finger round our face...then we tried to draw it on paper! Do send us the instructions because we'd love to do it properly!

    Nabby3 :-)