Thursday, March 25, 2010

Messages from the Mayor!!!

These are the messages from the Mayor!!!

My message from the Mayor
He said that when he left school he became a mechanic and he also said that he needs a better job

By Abby and Renee.

My message from the mayor.
It was interesting how the mayor told us how the snowstorm in Taupo happened. I still miss him. I hope he can come next time and tell us some more information. I wander how old he is.
By Dylan

Message from the mayor
The mayor’s responsibility is to protect
the environment and habitats.
By Harding and John.

To give it a go even if you don’t get it, it’s good just to try because if you get it you will be pleased with yourself.
There is such a thing as mayor school.
To always tell the truth or you dig a hole for yourself.
To be proud of where you live, you should respect it because you don’t really won’t to leave home.
To chase after you’re dreams

By Kassidy and Frances and Brodie!!!

My message from the mayor
Is when he said if you make a mistake you put your hand up and say I’m sorry!
By Keagan

Brian and Lennox’s Message from the Mayor

The mayor quoted
“It is better to aim at the top and miss then to aim at the bottom and hit.”

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