Saturday, November 6, 2010

Camp Reflections

We had a wonderful time on camp! The marae was a wonderful and unique experience for most of us. Courtney's reflection of the marae was that 'it was full of love and had lots of people there that shared with us and gave us a lovely hangi dinner'. I thought that was a great description.

Very soon we will post a photo story of our activities, recounts and maybe some videos. Our Internet access is sooooooooo slow at school that it is hard to achieve some of the things we would like to do but we manage with it. Ms Matthews has taken her laptop home so she can load our video and photo stories on from home where the Internet access is 'super sonic' fast compared to school. We know that our board chairman is working on making this better for us and Mr Taylor is keen to see this happen too.

In the mean time have a read of our kidblog reflections. Our reflections are 2 stars and a wish for camp and some of us managed to load a photo.

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  1. I am leaving one comment here for all of you because I have just read your reflections and am blown away! It sounds like you are a very reflective bunch and have a whole lot of inspirational learning activities going on. Our camp is in Term one so I am just beginning to think about planning for that now... Looking forward to seeing your photos!