Monday, April 26, 2010

Questions for your school

These questions are for Nabby3 but if you are a school you are welcome to answer them so that we can write a report on different schools from anywhere in the world!

How did you get the name Nabby3?
The area of our school is called Nab and we are in year 3
How many classrooms do you have?
9 classrooms
How long have you had your blog?
Two months
Our school has been opened for 75 years. How long has your school been opened?
Since 1860
We have student leaders for sport at lunchtime, they are called Dynamo Leaders. Do you have Dynamo Leaders?
No, we have what we call Play Leaders
Do you have a garden?
We have a meadow. We also have a bird bath and a bird feeder! (we can't wait to see the photos)
We have an award winning enviro group; they look after our school environment. Do you have an enviro group?
We have 89 students in our school. How many children are in your school?
We have a head boy and girl at our school. Do you have head prefects at your school?
We have head teachers but not head prefects.
We have school houses named after our local mountains, one is a volcano. Do you have school houses with leaders like in Harry Potter?
No! (Nabby3 laughed when we asked this)
We have 36 computer notebooks to share in our school; they live on what we call COW’s (computers on wheels). Do you have computer notebooks?
We don't have COW's we have a computer suite with 16 computers and every class has a computer, we have 6 computers in our class.
Do you make graphs?
Do you have a Learning Centre or Library where you can read books and do research?
Do you play sports at your school?
Football, tennis, basketball, rugby and multi skills (we would love to know more about multi skills!)
We have a strategy to use called a SLIDE, for when we have a disagreement with other students, teachers or adults. What is your SLIDE?
The connection to Nabby3 was a bit delayed when we asked this questions but they did so they just SORT IT OUT!

Thanks From Room 3 Broadlands School
Hi Nabby3 if we have any answers wrong can you let us know. Talking to you on Skype was very fun and we would like to do it again sometime. Sometimes when we were talking it was a little bit delayed so we weren't sure of your answers.
Thanks Nabby3

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  1. Room Three theres some really comprehensive questions for your friends at Nabby Three there but I can't wait to read some of the answers so I know more about them. I like also finding out information about your school by reading about your questions, so I know now at Broadlands that you have your Dynamic Leaders!
    Mr Webb and Room 8, Melville Intermediate School, Hamilton, Waikato.