Monday, April 26, 2010

What happend to Pluto?

In Room 3 our new Term Theme is 'Spaced Out'
Watch this space to see how 'spaced out' we get!

In reading we have been learning about summarising and 'word clouds'. See if you can find out about Pluto.

Key words
Good readers notice key words.
Here is a ‘Word Cloud’ of a text called ‘What happened to Pluto’.
Can you identify the key words?
‘Word Clouds’ have some words bigger than others because these are words that have been repeated in the text. The bigger the word the more it was repeated.
So what do you think happened to Pluto?

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  1. That is a neat word cloud! I saw a teacher use a word cloud like this to help a student identify the important words in a passage. Thanks Abby for the comment.