Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Silly Hat Store - Claymation

Here is a music video created using the Kiwikids song 'The Silly Hat Store'. This was created by us year 6's in 2007 with Ms Matthews when we were year 3's. We think we need to create an updated version. So watch this space!


  1. Wow! I love your claymation, well done! In Nabby4 at the moment we're World Cup mad, we're part of a big blogging project about the world cup - we got Serbia to support, come and visit us and say hello!

    Miss S, Nabby3 & 4

  2. Hi to all - we actually watched and commented on this post in Week 9 BUT we think that a power surge wiped out our comments before they could be saved. However Ms F wrote them down so here they are again:

    Hemi - It must have been hard making the clay models

    Hannah - I think this video is really awesome

    Amber - I like how you used a kiwi kids song

    Sarah - I think this is a really creative idea

    Adelka - You used a lot of detail in your scenery

    Lachie - Did you do all the backgrounds yourselves?

    We had a lot of fun watching this and even got out all our hats to put them on and off during the song!