Sunday, June 19, 2011

Writing Awesome Blog Comments

We have been reflecting on comments that have been written on our blogs and other school's blogs. From this we have explored many ideas from other schools and looked at Comments for kids to write our own success criteria for an 'Awesome Blog Comment'.

We have decided on 6 points for our success criteria:

1. Write your comment including a greeting, content and a closing.

2. Always use correct spelling, punctuation, grammar and spacing.

3. Compliment the writer in a specific way, ask a question or add new information.

4. Write a relevant comment that is related to the post.

5. Do not reveal any personal information about yourself in your comment.

6. Always proof read your comment and edit before submitting.

Remember that people from around the world will be reading what you have written.

Maddy P has been using our criteria to peer assess blog comments before we post. Please have listen to her podcasts. After reflecting on the podcasts we realise that Maddy should have given feedback using the language of our criteria.
Our reasons for doing this is that we value our connections with our global community and want to make many more.

Please don't leave without writing a comment and a link to your blog so we can visit you. Maybe you can add to our criteria.

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