Saturday, February 12, 2011

Pick Me!

I really enjoy seeing the students working together focused and cooperative.
As the senior class in our school, all the students are required to apply for positions of responsibilities. At this time of the year they work hard to impress us. They will do anything for you to ensure they get the best positions and hopefully chosen to be Head boy, Head girl or House Leaders.
All the students have been working together to create a format for their own CV. They have explored some CV's, written one for Hiccup and now they are working together to decide what they should put in their own. The CV’s will also form a part of their digital portfolio
As for the staff, it is a tough time choosing the right person for the lead positions as they are all so talented and we know some hopefuls will have their hearts broken.


  1. I guess those CV's will be a useful record for those students to refer back to as they progress through the year and even in years to come. Seems like a good way to take stock and think about what each one has to offer to contribute to the school community. Ms Donnell

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