Monday, September 7, 2009

Acting up, our School Production

We are doing a school production called 'The Warrior Mountains'. It is an ancient maori myth and each classroom is going to be a mountain. Our class, room 3 is Mount Taranaki. We do a funky dance to show our love to Pihanga, the lady mountain. We are making special cloaks for the production to represent our mountains. Our cloak is blue and white. We are making our cloaks out of paper leaves, material leaves and feathers. We are not going to wear the cloaks we are going to decorate the hall with them for the big show. We have been practicing lots and lots and lots and lots and we are really over it but we look fantastic, so Ms Matthews says.

We are dancing to 'Your the one that I want' from the Grease movie and 'Aint no mountain high enough' sang by Michael MacDonald. As a school we are doing the fight scene to Kung Fu Fighting from the Kung Fu Panda. One of the versions of the song downloaded from itunes was a remix and made the people who sing it sound like girls. Lucky for us another smart teacher found the correct version. We would have looked funny fighting to a high pitched girly song.

At the end of the production we sing a song called Aotearoa and three girls have to sing a part by themselves. I am one of those three girls and it is hard but I think I can do it. I feel a bit embarassed when I am the only one singing.

We only have a couple more weeks to go before the big night. We will tell you all about it.
By Mikayla and Lisa

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